About Us

AID-Noida is a "Volunteer Group" of socially responsible and self-driven youngsters who are working with an objective of facilitating quality education and awareness for marginalized & slum communities in Noida. Prayas is one of the projects of AID-Noida that is centered at Noida sector 16 slum community. Volunteers at AID-Noida come from varied backgrounds; many of them are IT professionals, entrepreneurs, students etc. Along with volunteers, a team of full-time individuals manage the educational programs on day to day basis.

Since 2005, our focus has been to create awareness in the community towards education and to prepare children for admission to high quality regular schools. Approximately 150 children from the community have benefited from these programs and are now getting access to good quality education. Beginning April 01 2012, We have now take a big leap in our efforts by opening a full-time school inside the community that we call “Prayas Vidyalaya”, a low cost, self-sustainable, quality school.

About Noida Sector 16 Slum community

The community consists of migrant workers most of whom hail from Bihar, UP and West Bengal who earn their livelihood by doing daily wages work. Education for themselves and their children has not been their focus area due to multiple socio-economical factors. The community has an approximate population of 5000 out of which 500-1000 would be the children in school-going age. In a typical family, both father and mother are working and do not spend enough time with their children due to their working schedule and overall awareness level. Due to this, a large number of children never go to school. Many of the children who go to school also drop-out because of minimal support and guidance from their families. The main challenge in this community has been to create awareness amongst parents about importance of education for their children and themselves.

Our Approach

Due to the unique socio-economic status of the community, we had to put in significant efforts in raising overall awareness level of the community along with earning their trust. We have been quite successful in our objectives and community is now an integral part of our initiatives. We now have a management team that consists of volunteers, full-time staff and community residents; this team is now driving the future direction of Prayas. Following diagram shows the stages we have seen during our journey along with our objective of setting up a self-sustaining system run by local community people. We feel that we are still at sustenance stage but objective of Prayas will be met when the initiative become self-sustainable without not of charity & volunteers; community will be capable to fulfil their needs.

AID Noida Approach




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