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Everyday An Independence Day

While I was designing the e-invite for Independence Day celebration at Prayas Vidalaya, I felt it
would be like many-many Independence Day functions that I have attended during school days. And
when the day arrived, I witnessed it to be true to an extent only. The decoration could say for itself

छू लूं आसमां ....

                                                                    जनवरी 2008 :(प्रयास नोएडा सेण्टर ) ~ सरजी मैं बताऊ  ?~ सोना तू रुक जा अभी बेटा ,सूबी ,सज्जाद ,जुलेखा ,साबरीन तुम सब बताओ~ सर Q  फॉर क्वीन ...



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