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Everyday An Independence Day

While I was designing the e-invite for Independence Day celebration at Prayas Vidalaya, I felt it
would be like many-many Independence Day functions that I have attended during school days. And
when the day arrived, I witnessed it to be true to an extent only. The decoration could say for itself

छू लूं आसमां ....

                                                                    जनवरी 2008 :(प्रयास नोएडा सेण्टर ) ~ सरजी मैं बताऊ  ?~ सोना तू रुक जा अभी बेटा ,सूबी ,सज्जाद ,जुलेखा ,साबरीन तुम सब बताओ~ सर Q  फॉर क्वीन ...

Story of a Neighborhood Revolution!


And the senior batch stands suspended

Jaanbaaz, Guddu, and Umesh, boys from the senior batch; all boarded the local bus to school but did not attend the class that day. Instead they bunked the school for a day and went loafing. As expected a note arrived from their school teachers at their houses, through other students. These young boys got a good thrashing from parents, which obviously is to no avail most of the times. The volunteer body of AID-Noida was also informed of the mischief.

Restructuring and re-opening of classes

It’s June, hot and dusty month, a beautiful time of the year. Yes indeed, because children are back in the community, and classes have reopened after the long lull. For the past two months, the children were far away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Most of them had gone to their villages and met their grand moms and grand dads. But now, once again, the community is bustling with kids.

As I Experienced it!

We do not invent the wheel every day. But I can at least request you to come and experience AID NOIDA.
I joined AID NOIDA in December 2009, and like a typical overenthusiastic volunteer ran out of steam in a couple of months. But when I came back after 6 months, kids still remembered my name!!! They asked me why had I stopped coming. I knew the answer but was too guilty to admit: I had been plain and simple complacent. That magical moment sealed my relationship with AID.