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Desh ki aazaadi ne di humein
Azadi har sawal ko suljhane ki
Azadi niraksharta k andhere ko mitane ki
Azadi rang,jaat,dharm k bhed bhao ko hatane ki
Ae desh tujhe naman..

Teach a Woman, Teach a Family

Blue Haze…
The night looms larger
As she lights the chulha
The daily chores as always , remain pending..
She an ordinary housewife, her husband a farmer..

Blue haze settles down in a full moon light,

क्या तुझे पता है की हम गणतन्त्र दिवस क्यू मनाते है?

We do not find opportunities to celebrate; it’s just that the right reasons and right people collided for yet another eventful afternoon, on 26 Jan 2010.

Small is sublime!

The family planning awareness session we conducted last Sunday witnessed an encouraging participation from the community. We would only know whether or not it was a success in the months to come, if we execute the follow-up plans. Nevertheless, 35+ women opened up about their issues in front of the lady doctor (it was rather disappointing on the male side), and many even expressed keen interest in availing contraceptives and other birth control measures.

Prayas Activity classes: - An experience you can not forget

Prayas Activity classes

In those initial days in Prayas, when the Activity Class was started, I used to just sit and watch the kids. I was trying to read them and think on what they would be thinking. Over the week they have to go through the books and copies for their studies. This was a great initiative to refrain them from the load of bookworms crawling in their mind whole week. This class was started for the senior kids. We started teaching them in a playing mode which gave them lots of lessons and bring out their creativity.

Rescheduling of classes, as on Nov '09

As we all know that we have been able to appoint a new teacher for our project, Ms Jyoti Kharey. We want her to handle the Freshers batch only. And rest of the volunteers will be taking the other two batches as always. So there is a need to specify the new timing and the concerned people taking the classes.

Ms Jyoti Kharey
Monday to Saturday: 3.30 PM-6.30 PM

Sweta Pandey and Akanksha Singh
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6.30PM-8.30PM

Charu, Darshan

"Sunday Perfect"

On the morning of 8th November, she dressed up in her best dress and her mommy gave her a sweet hug to see her off. Little eyes anxiously wondered how the day would unfold, a day they had awaited for long. Some giggled, some fell, some caught, some just ran around; The faces of our tiny angles brightened up the day of all and sundry perfectly. Nehru Planetarium was perhaps the pinnacle for the kids.

Prayas Update: September and October

Curiosity: Next visit to International Book Fair

Bal Sabha & The Collective Cleanliness !!

I was very much enthusiastic about the term called "Bal Sabha" .I think Vijay Bhaiya introduced this to me about one and half year back and I wanted this to be replicated here in AID-Prayas as well ."Bal Sabha" is a regular monthly meet where all the volunteers and kids meet and perform something,It is a platform where kids get a chance to leave the academics and showcase their talent .

Family interaction activity – A step forward to involve community

It has been 6 months since we started Talent class, which is huge success. Attendance in this class is always high. We see lot of positive changes in the kids. They are now more aware, determined, and confident. Each kid is different and unique in his own way, some budding talented kids are Poonam – a good painter , Jabaaz - awesome dancer and speaker , Subi - the great all-rounder , Julekha , Kiran.. all are great.