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The Krish Team

This was my team for the picnic : Sarfaraz, Ajay, Shahid, Aditya & Govind. We called ourselves the Krish team. Why Krish? 'Coz Ajay & Shahid call me Krish as my new hairstyle resembles Krish's hairstyle.

February ’09 @ AID Prayas

If last month seemed eventful, for those who follow Prayas, this week was equally eventful. Here goes this month’s happenings:

Full timer takes Control of the new batch of children

Rajat expresses his awe at Prayas' position today :)

Rajat Maheshwari is one of the founders of AID's Prayas initiative. He works with ST Microelectronics currently and due to his tough work schedule has not been able to make it to Prayas regularly nowadays. To his surprise things have in the course of past two years changes a lot. Here are his comments:

I am very poor in writing...but Darshan is asking from long time to write please tolerate....

A thought to remember....:)

It was another bright afternoon when I was planning for an evening movie, a friend called up and asked me to accompany for Prayas class instead. Walking along a path way approximately twice as wide as I am, I entered a small room that had just enough accessories to make it look like a classroom:) Somebody was teaching a set of kids that mostly consisted girls. After creating a mild happening I settled down to be a pseudo student for another half an hour. Then promoted as a teacher again a pseudo one I continued with that maths class.

January '09 @ AID NOIDA - Prayas

Prayas has been more than 3 years in the nurturing from a humble beginning. From supporting a few teenage boys, post their work schedules, through late evening sessions to a full fledged preparatory school for young girls and boys we have grown leaps and bounds. From a humble one room setup inside the community we are moving into a full blown Centre – a two room set with more space for as the children say, playing and study.

Defining moment for a Volunteer :)

Here is one of those defining moments for a volunteer :)

Dance Team @ Prayas - Needs your Support

With the AID Delhi birthday celebrations nearing, planned for Sunday 25th January, an event hosting children of all our projects across Delhi / NCR. We are expecting atleast 100-120 children, volunteers to settle in & participate in events and games. The plan is to celebrate and have fun.

We are all Selfish - Instinctively

Whom better to understand this from other than from the innocent children who voice their opinions in vivid and naive statements, beyond bounds of diplomacy and politcal correctness. I was a victim or a proud recipient of one such opinion or compliment yesterday.

Inauguration of New Classroom Setup @ Prayas on Sunday 11th Jan '09

" We heartily invite you to join us on Sunday Jan 11th @ Sector 15A, NOIDA for this new beginning at Prayas. " - Friends of AID Prayas