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Happy New Year from the Children @ Prayas

A special new year's greeting designed by the children for all the bhai's and didi's that have taught them and spend time with them. :)

Wishing a wonderful new year for Prayas & its friends!!

Christmas Activity @ Prayas

This was one session that most people who missed it would really regret not being present. - 33 Kids- 6 Groups with each having a child leader- 8 Volunteers for guiding - 8 Pieces of Chart Paper- A lot of colors- ONE PICTURE - A Tree in its most youthful bloom :)

The Library - Begins @ Prayas

We finally started up the library at Prayas and have been receiving a surprising and enthusiastic response from the children. Thanks in a big way to Selva's initiative that this took off.

Gathering @ Khaaja Chowk -Sept 08

Finally after a longtime we met to look forward into the future of children of Prayas :) The Suspects: Arun ,Atul ,NiKhil ,Rajiv ,Anand ,Suganda ,Ruchi ,Sonia ,Vikas ,Kanan ,Darshan ,Amit ...

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Inauguration of Vocational Classes at AID Prayas

We had the formal inauguration of vocational classes by AROH foundation for AID Prayas community women today. There was a good response from the community and we enrolled around 15-16 women including young girls like Juhi for the classes. The classes will be starting from Monday (8th Dec., 2008) and will take place on alternate days in the afternoon from 1:00 P.M to 3:00 P.M.

मस्ती का एक पूरा दिन !! :D, Picnic at Prayas Mar 16th 2008

It was a great scene at the Prayas class inside the community on 16th March 2008. The early morning rush in the narrow pathway of the community apart, there were some bright faced parents who were eager to send their children along.

When I Look Back

Its been six months now and surprisingly it had been satisfying. He was happy. A happiness which had no past or a future ,may be, just the present. A happiness which had no reason. But, he was happy.

His college days were over, and it was time for him to join one of those MNCs. And when he joined this company, he was a bit scared..., a bit confused.... Not clear about his future, Not clear about his goals.
Till then his life had some purpose, he knew what exactly had to be done...

Some thoughts

Why many of us have pity over people in wretched conditions, with shabby looks and dirty clothes. And why few of us feel so bad about their condition that they don’t mind giving spare coins to these unprivileged humans. Feeling that he or she is living comfortable life and untidy person knocking on the car doors for changes is fighting to have meal for two times can drive anyone emotional and devoid him or her of reasons. A person can think giving few coins to beggars or urchins on traffic signal wouldn’t solve their problems but make their day little easier.

AAGAAZ... the begining :)

No children in the class..

Electricity connection gone just before playing the movie..

Children’s parents barge in and take back their kids without explanation..

26 January 2008 @ PRAYAS an Awesome Experience !!!!

सर : बच्चो 26 जनवरी क्या होता है ?
हाथ खडे करो ....एक ,दो ,तीन और चार ,बस चार ही हाथ,अच्छा कविता तुम बताओ ?
कविता :- सर जी 26 जनवरी 1950 से पूलिस आयी थी !
सर : ओ.के.,और कुछ ?
कविता : कानून आया था !
सर : और कोई ? चन्दा तुम बताओ ?
चन्दा : सरजी उस दिन से संविधान लागू हुआ था !
सर: गुड .संविधान क्या होता है ?
चन्दा : सरजी ........पता नहीं ,
सर : और कोई बतायेगा ?
साबरीन : 26 जनवरी को देश आजाद हुआ था !
सर : नहीं बेटा ,देश 26 जनवरी को नही 15 अगस्त 1947 को आजाद हुआ था !