With passion in the heart and desire for meaningful contribution to the society, a group of youngsters (IT professionals, business professionals, students etc) started an endeavour to help grow slum children with prime focus on education. Right from the beginning, we worked with the belief that education is the key to growth of society. Education has different value for different people. For children, it acts as a foundation on which they can start building their career and get a genuine opportunity to transform their and their family’s lives. For elders, it helps them deal with day-to-day challenges such as understanding bills, reading bus routes, dialling phone numbers, oversee the education of their children and in general lead a more informed and quality life.

AID-Noida is a volunteer-driven social organization that is driven and managed by a group of young volunteers with full-time hired staff for day-to-day operations. Since its inception in 2005, its prime focus has been providing quality education to the slum children of Noida Sector -16 slum community. Working towards basic literacy of the children and preparing them to enrol in mainstream school were the initial day objectives of the group. Counselling the migrant parents, driving them to put efforts for the education of their children and preparing a conducive environment for quality education inside the slum community became highest agenda of the group.

Year 2008 saw its first success and was a milestone year for AID-Noida. The first batch of 5 children got enrolled in a quality school "Nai Disha Free Education Society" in sector 30 Noida. And then there was no looking back. Year 2009 followed the success when 26 children got admission to good quality mainstream schools from the community. The hard work of all the members started paying the dividend now. Most of these children were first generation learners in their families with almost no support from their families and we soon realized the need for a continuous support system for school going children alongside preparing a new batch of children for next year admissions. In order to sustain our goals and needs, we employed one part-time skilled teacher to prepare the fresh batch of children from the community. It was a successful move and later we hired one more teacher to support the already admitted children.

All these years, we have focused on the following key activities:

  1. Counseling & Awareness of the parent of children studying with us
  2. Conducting program to raise overall awareness levels of the community
  3. Preparing new set of children for admission to mainstream schools
  4. Liasoning and relationship building with different schools
  5. Academic and monetary support for the children going to regular schools

In this journey of 6-7 years, we have earned the "FAITH & BELIEF" of the community which is key to any co-operative initiative like this. Approximately 150 children from the community has benefited from the programs conducted by AID-Noida until now.

As they say “Need is the mother of discovery”, we felt the need for a formal school inside the community to cater to the educational needs of the community in 2010. Realizing that running a school is a huge responsibility, it took us around two years to convert this thought into action and we formally opened the school on April 01, 2012 which we call “Prayas Vidyalaya”. “Prayas Vidyalaya” is a low cost, self sustainable school inside the Sector 16 slum community with the aim of providing good education.