At AID-Noida we believe that confidence is the key to success. Therefore we encourage our children to participate in several extracurricular stage activities. We also provide them with many opportunities to showcase their talents. We have put an event organisation team in place to take care of such events. Major events include celebrating national events like 15 august, and 26 January. Also we have our “Baalsabhaa” once in every two months.

Baalsabha   is a unique platform of bringing parents, children and volunteers together, and is an opportunity for children to portray their talents.

We celebrate Republic Day and Independence Day on a larger scale with the community, to reach out to community and encourage them to educate their children. Our children get a bigger platform to perform. We also enrol new children in our setup on Republic Day every year.


Upcoming Events:-

Be there at the community center on 1st April, to witness history in the making!!!

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