Providing continuous academic support to school going children because of inability of their parents to support them.

Our Work

For last four years, we have been preparing community children for getting them admitted to regular schools. We have been successful in getting many children from community to regular schools however we realized our responsibility doesn’t end there. Parents play the most important role in overall development of a child however the socio-economic status of the community is such that most of the parents are incapable of monitoring and guiding their children at home. This means that even after children start going to school, they will not be able to keep up with the requirements at school and will be highly prone to underperform leading to drop-outs. Keeping in view the requirements of children and the fact that they are first generation learners in their family, we decided to run support programs to fulfil the gaps that most of the families in this community have.

Following activities are taken up as part of this program:

1. Regular after-school classes for school going children. Children from community go to different schools and therefore the curriculum of these classes is generic and aims to strengthen the fundamentals of children.

2. Personality development activities. Conduct sessions that improve the overall personality of children. These programs include general awareness, etiquettes and cultural programs with the aim of inculcating values in every child so that they respect their own families, community and learn to grow in their circumstances.

3. Mentoring of parents. To ensure continuous development of children, parents of children enrolled in our programs need to continuous mentored and motivated. Parents are continuously informed about the progress and needs of their children which in-turn opens up their minds to future avenues for their children.

Prayas Support Classes Activities

This program is the oldest program at Prayas. Initially, support classes were conducted by volunteers but as of now classes are conducted by both the regular teachers and volunteers. Regular academic support classes are conducted daily for 2-hours after school hours while volunteers conduct the personality development sessions on weekends. With the help of support classes, many of our children have become top performers in their respective schools.