Access to education is the fundamental right of every child in the country. Unfortunately, a large number of children still are devoid of this and eventually gets misguided and get into unlawful activities in the pursuit of earning a living. This is detrimental to the society and the entire country in general. We think Education is best medium to empower the young population of this country and the aim of this project is to help all such children get access to education and give them a fair chance in elevating their lives, thereby also becoming responsible citizens.


We work on a grounds-up model where we identify the communities with significant population that doesn’t participate in Education. These are normally migrant people from other states who came to Noida a long time back and have now made it their home. However, their living conditions remain poor and the kids from their families engage in rag-picking or begging.

We survey such communities and setup incubation centres in those local communities with the aim of building relationship with the community and impart a daily discipline amongst the kids so that they come to scheduled classes every day. Our aim is to get them to the primary study centre after an year, where we can impart high quality education to them. The community centres are maintained to keep active engagement with the community so that these kids do not drop out.

The current incubation centres run at the following locations:

  • J.J Colony, Sector-16, Noida
  • Slum community (behind DLF Mall), Sector-18, Noida
  • Nithari Village, Noida

Prayas study centre currently runs out of “The Millennium School, Sector 41, Noida”. It is run in the 2nd half of the day. Apart from Education, children are engaged into Sports, Art & Craft and other learning activities. As of now about 150 children are attached with the “Prayas Study Centre”.