Started as a side activity few years ago, the project has grown into a pinnacle of creativity. Udaan is our initiative to instill creativity, crafts and colors in our daily life.

We strongly believe that each and every child has colorful thoughts, just waiting for the blank sheet to express it all. Creative avenues like Udaan can provide the required platform to support and encourage creative imagination while earning some pocket money.

This project is run by the children associated with AID-Noida, they create various art and craft products using different techniques like quilling, taught by one of our volunteer member – Shikha Prasad. Another volunteer member, Vijaya introduced folk art forms like madhubani, Gond art, warli etc to kids. Products such as jewellery, Diyas, Coasters, Envelopes, Diaries, Bookmarks and many other reached to various corporates through exhibitions via our Satrangi Thela during festive seasons. Some of major corporate supporting this initiative include To-The-New, Knoldus, MediaTek and others.