Prayas - Primary Education

Informal primary schooling for incubating children before they go to regular schools

Prayas - Support Program

Overall financial, academic and emotional support to children to help them continue their education


Nutruting talent within children to help them excel in areas according to their interests



Pursuing her graduation while working as an accountant to support her studies and her family


Coming from a very humble background, Julekha is now pursuing Fashion Designing from South Delhi Polytechnic for Women


Excellent singer with fluent on Harmonium, she pursue her studies along with continuous training for classical music

Upcoming events

Community meeting – Sector 16

2nd Saturday of every month at 9am. Location: Prayas Center, J.J. Colony, Sector 16, Noida

Community meeting – Nithari

3rd Saturday of every month at 9am. Location: Nithari, Sector 31, Noida

Community meeting – Sector-18

1st Saturday of every month at 10am. Location: Sector-18 slum (adjacent to DLF mall), Noida